ICBS Publications  

Some outstanding publications are listed below:   

ü  BOOK: Entrepreneurial Excellence in the Knowledge Economy. Intellectual Capital Benchmarking Systems.

In the context of deep uncertainty and turmoil, the only source of wealth is what individuals, organizations and nations are able to create with what they know. Well-formulated and implemented strategies have always been the foundation of business excellence- the only source of wealth in any economy.

The authors of this volume provide readers with a comprehensive overview of how to achieve entrepreneurial excellence in the knowledge economy and offer them the Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System (ICBS): a methodology for a strategy check-up of organizations in the knowledge economy context. Among different intellectual capital methodologies and tools, ICBS is the only one relevant for successful strategy formulation, successful innovation, and for gaining and sustaining competitive advantages.

ü  Paper: ICBS Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System: A Practical Methodology for Successful Strategy Formulation in the Knowledge Economy.

ü  Paper: Formulating business strategy in the Knowledge Economy context: Theoretical foundations and principles.

ü  Presentation: ICBS Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System. A practical methodology for successful strategy formulation in the knowledge economy.

The “operations value chain” considers the process of operations producing "ordinary" products and services through a systematic and repetitive operations value chain which also requires core competencies and core capabilities to be competitive. However, these competencies and capabilities are usually of a different nature from those of the innovation process. The core competencies and core capabilities of operations can also be termed "operations intellectual capital".