Competitiveness is the key for surviving and winning in the present economic crisis. For companies the two crucial questions are:
• Is our company competitive today?
• Will be our company competitive in the future?

ICBS gives the answer to both questions

Using ICBS in an orderly, systematic, and repetitive way our company can:
• Identify the specific competitiveness factors and criteria that are relevant in our business activity.
• Identify, audit and benchmark our core competencies or key intellectual capital that are the main sources of sustainable competitive advantages.
• Select, in a systematic and organized way, the necessary information for evaluating relevant factors, core competencies or key intellectual capital.
• Facilitate the work of the benchmarking and competitive intelligence teams.
• Give the managers of small and medium enterprises access to core competencies and intellectual capital management in a systematic and organized way.

ICBS is a competitiveness strategy check-up for organizations in the knowledge economy.

How does ICBS work

The ICBS methodologies and frameworks can be divided into two partial models> the OICBS (Operations Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System) and the IICBS (Innovation Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System). Theoretically, both ICBS methodologies are based on the identification and evaluation of core competencies of a company compared to those of its best world competitor. Using an extended SWOT analysis, strategic benchmarking techniques and business intelligence tools, the ICBS provides a competitiveness strategy check-up of our company.

Why to choose ICBS

In a developed market economy, a key common ingredient in all business success stories has been the presence of a soundly formulated and effectively implemented strategy. ICBS is a methodology and a framework for successful strategy formulation in the knowledge economy. The ICBS allows companies to compare their core competencies or intellectual capital with those of the best world competitors from the same activity segment. An element that differentiates ICBS from other intellectual capital models is the fact that “the best in class” global competitor is also considered, thus allowing benchmarking to be undertaken in a systematic and permanent way.


In the context of deep uncertainty and turmoil, the only source of wealth is what individuals, organizations and nations are able to create with what they know. Well-formulated and implemented strategies have always been the foundation of business excellence- the only source of wealth in any economy.

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