ICBS Software was developed by Quidgest - Software Engineering in cooperation with Prof. Viedma and Prof. Cabrita.
Learn more about the technological background in the following part.
About Quidgest's R&D
From its early beginnings, Quidgest has dedicated its R&D resources towards automatic software generation.
This led to the creation of Genio, a highly productive platform that has been used since 1991 for the production of all information systems.

To reduce development time and costs, Quidgest builds solutions on a higher abstraction layer, which allows a bottom up approach
to unique information systems.

Our solution building platform, Genio, automatically generates traditional high level code.
Your consultants may therefore focus on business processes, instead of constantly spending time resolving programming
language issues. Furthermore, a single consultant has the ability to control the entire solution production process, allowing the
delivery of improvements and receiving immediate feedback on the solution being developed.

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  ICBS Characteristics  
  ICBS is a web-based application and can be accessed from any place and at any time. Reports and summaries are generated automatically and can by edited, if necessary, in MS Word.
Intuitive graphs help to analise the company's state-of-art and are created with the latest technology of Google charts.

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